Customers and User Feedback

Institutional feedback

According to an employee from a study abroad agency, agencies are somehow “afraid of”Liuxue 315 because of the existence of a blacklist and its regular ratings for the agencies. That the agencies would accept Liuxue 315 is partly based on the consideration to expand the market. SI-UK’s advisors also expressed the willingness to join in the Liuxue 315 network given the chance. Despite the fee, it may help expand the business and agencies with good reputation stand to loss if they are excluded from the network.

"I much appreciate Liuxue315's quality control over our services. They assist us in risk control with our customers and quality enhancement. We obtained a high mark, 4.75/5 in service ratings from students, but we are striving to achieve more."

—Ms Cao Yi, General Manager of Beijing Branch, Golden Arrow

"Study abroad agency quality control provides students with more transparent and objective information and help service providers in quality improvements. Dongfang International Center for Educational Exchange and Liuxue 315 have worked together to help Chinese students fulfill their overseas educational dream.

— Ms Han Yue, Managing Director of Dongfang International Center for Educational Exchange

Liuxue 315 builds a bridge between students, parents and study abroad agencies. Its unique quality control service assists students in selecting the most credible and professional agency that paved the path for a smooth overseas education experience.

— Ms Li Tao, Former Manager of North China District, IDP Educational Group

Student feedback

I am very pleased to come across such a website that offers me invaluable direction and assistance in a market typically saturated with much hype. For every student aspiring to study overseas, finding a credible and responsible agency is essential. Liuxue 315 fills this market vacuum and is a blessing for us. The advisors from Liuxue 315 always provide me with timely replies and honest constructive suggestions that help me obtain crucial information faster. The agency recommended by them is very capable. It would have been difficult to get all the information by myself. 

— Mr Zhong 1861225**** (from Beijing)

Liuxue315 is a trustworthy website that recommends accredited study abroad agencies to me. They would also call me regularly to keep updated with my application status. Whenever I had any questions, they were available and knowledgeable to help. There has not been a single case where my queries were left unanswered. The educational advisor recommended by Liuxue315 was equally accountable and patient. Both my family and I are very pleased with the service.

— Chen Lin 1367779**** (from Beihai, Guangxi)

I came to know Liuxue315 through a recommendation in a study broad forum. As a user myself now, I find their service exceptional, especially the study plan reference system that gives you a clear picture of your current standing. They also provide me with lots of insights into the trends of overseas education. Though I looked for the agent by myself, I believe such professional agency as Liuxue315 would help us find more suitable agencies that would otherwise be difficult to find by ourselves.

— Mr Lei (from Shenzhen, Guangdong)

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