Fees and Discounts


A. RMB 2200.00 for the schools who have an Agency Agreement with ZJAX;

B. RMB 4400.00 for the schools who do not have an Agency Agreement with ZJAX;


If you join both fairs in autumn and spring, you will be given a five percent off.

A five percent discount is payable if your school transfers the fees before July 1st 2018.

(Note: There is NO cumulative discount.)


Building of stand is covered by the fees, a standard stand includes

We do not provide other types of stands, eg.empty stand.


You are welcomed and encouraged to give a lecture. The application for a lecture is only open for schools. Please book it as soon as possible as the schedule is tight and the number of lectures is limited. All lectures are free to all visitors.

Charges for Lecture facility: 3000 RMB per lecture. The fee covers:


The organizer will help each school to promote itself through the internet, handbook and other promotional activities, all of which are free of charge. We do not provide fee-paying advertisement. If your school has specific requirement, please contact the organizer.