School Fair Agenda

Agenda of 2018 International Low-Age Education Fair(Beijing)

Date Activities Venues
9th March
09:00 -18:00 Exhibitor Registration / Booth Decoration To be confirmed(5-star hotel in the Central Business District in Chaoyang District, Beijing)
9th March
18:00 – 20:00 Opening Reception
(only open for exhibitors)
10th March
08:00 -16:30 Open to Exhibitor
09:30-16:00 Open to Visitor
16:30-21:00 Exhibits Move-out

You are highly recommended to stay one more day in Beijing in order that you can meet some prospective pupils and parents. According to our experience, some pupils and parents may want to talk with you for more information or ask for an interview. Parents and pupils tend to make their final decision to submit the application after a further meeting.

For more information about participation, please contact Mr. Eric or 00-86-13911994791

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