Why should my school participate?

Compared with other education fairs, ours is very different—it is the first international low-age education fair in China so that we will only invite primary, secondary or independent schools as exhibitors. Coming here you can enjoy a useful and memorable time in the company of pre-university educators from around the world.

As is well known, all schools are looking for suitable pupils,but primary, secondary and independent schools do not want large numbers of pupils, just those who can benefit, contribute and fit in. To help you save money and time and work more efficiently, we have chosen Beijing, the centre of Chinese education, as the venue where the fair takes place. Beijing is your best choice in China and you can definitely find the pupils that you want here.

In order to help you meet suitable pupils, we have decided to hold this fair in March, 2018. March is the beginning of spring; Chinese people believe that the whole year’s work starts in spring. It is the best timing for parents and pupils to make the best choice.

ZJAX, the organizer of this fair, is experienced in assisting schools with pupil recruitment. Even though this is our first international low-age school fair, the organizer has rich experience in promoting schools and recruiting pupils. We have already arranged school meetings and promotional activities for many schools. After each activity, one or some pupils have applied and eventually been accepted. All in all, we know who you are looking for and where to find them.

Our assumption is that recruiting pupils is, for you, a key goal. We will help you to achieve that. We will help you by pre-screening visitors through a registration scheme prior to our fair so that we get only those wanting low-age overseas education at our fair. On the day of our fair, we will provide a suitable venue for you to talk with parents and give interviews with pupils without having to rush, we will ensure you have plenty of time. After the fair, we will continue to follow up those pupils and parents who are interested and help them send applications.